Absence from school jeopardizes the ability of a student to satisfactorily complete the prescribed course of study and violates thestatutes requiring students to regularly attend school. (N.J.S.A. 18A:38-25-26)

Students on NO CREDIT STATUS can make up their days by attending credit completion according to each school’s individualpolicy, or submit proper medical documentation. One session of Credit Completion = one day of attendance.

• Oakcrest Credit Completion:
 Saturday Detention (9-11 AM) or Late Detention (2:40-5:30PM) ONLY. There is NO summer credit completion.
Any student who ends the school year on NO CREDIT STATUS or TOTAL LOSS OF CREDIT STATUS and who has not
filed an Attendance Appeal will be rescheduled into the SAME classes for the following school year. Further, those
students will be ineligible for Athletics and Activities for the entire following school year.

Absence: Excused - An absence is excused only if it occurs because of a driver's test, court appearance, doctor's appointment,
funeral in the family, or religious holiday. Please be aware that A PARENT NOTE or CALL does NOT EXCUSE a student. College visits are NOT excused. They count as unexcused absences.

Absence: Unexcused- All other absences are considered unexcused. Students are allowed a maximum of 10 unexcused absences. These are not free days, but are absences that occur because of family responsibilities, an illness not requiring a
doctor, etc.

No Credit Status: After 10 days of unexcused absence: credit completion

Total Loss of Credit: On the 36th day of total (excused and unexcused)
absences: Loss of credit for the entire year; loss of enrichment trips and social

Absence: Participation in School Events - Students must be in attendance on the day of the event, or if a weekend event, the lastday of school before the event. No student may participate in a program or event related to student activities or athletics who is absent on the above-mentioned days.

Absence: School-Sponsored Activities - Students shall not be considered absent while participating in a school-sponsored

Sign-Out Procedure- The school recognizes emergencies which create a legitimate need for leaving school early: illness as
documented by the school nurse, parent verified medical appointment, driver's test, court appearance, etc. To sign out early,
your parent or guardian MUST:
• Send in a note AND call the school. All notes will be verified.
• Pick up and sign out their child in the Main Office.
• If being picked up by another student’s parent/guardian, YOUR parent/ guardian MUST inform the office who will pick you
up, according to the school’s policy as noted above and all notes will be verified.
If prior notification is not given, the school reserves the right to refuse the early release/early dismissal.
• If being signed-out prior to 12:30, the student must produce a documented excuse for the sign-out. Excessive sign-outs
may lead to disciplinary consequences.
• Under no circumstances will students make arrangements to be taken from school by parents or friends without first having
such action properly cleared by the appropriate vice-principal.
• Students are not permitted to leave school during the regular school day without first having such action properly cleared by
the appropriate vice-principal.

Consecutive Absences- Any student who misses 10 consecutive school days and who does not appear on home assignment,
homebound instruction, and/or who is not medically verified as incapacitated will be issued a written notification to report to
school within 5 school days. Failure to do so may result in fines and/or being dropped from roll.

Loss of Course Credit- Students who miss over 10 school days (unexcused absences) will not have completed the course of study as prescribed and as such will not qualify to receive the assigned credit for the course, subject to an appeal. In order to regain credit, an appeal may be submitted. The appeal may be granted by fulfilling designated credit completion

Social Probation– Limits students from participation in activities. See Social Probation section.
Vacation Days – Vacation days are not granted.

GEHRHSD LATE POLICY: Students should understand that habitual, unexcused latenesses will place them in academic jeopardy. Some class work can be made up, but students must understand that they need to be present to earn a class
participation grade.
• Students must be in school PRIOR to 9:25 A.M. to receive credit for the day.
• Students arriving late to school who had a verified appointment with a physician, dentist, or driver's test will be given an
excused late to school.
• Oakcrest High School’s Unexcused Late Policy:
 8th unexcused late: a late detention is issued
 12th unexcused late: One session of credit completion is assigned.
o Each additional 4 lates will result in an additional session of credit completion.
o Students must meet the credit completion obligation within the same marking period it is assigned. Failure to do
so will result in placement on Social Probation.

The Board is aware of possible unforeseen factors, which may create hardships related to the attendance policy.
• Any student exceeding 10 days of unexcused absence may appeal “no credit” status to the Attendance Appeals Committee,
who may grant the appeal in full, in part, or deny the appeal.
• Appeals relating to the decision of the Attendance Appeals Committee must be made in writing within 10 school days of
receipt of the decision to the Assistant Superintendent, the Superintendent, and the Board of Education.
• Decisions of the Board of Education may be appealed to the Commissioner of Education.